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Pacific Grove, California — A Peaceful Place for Writers & Readers

Relax, rest, rejuvenate in a quaint and friendly town on California’s Central Coast

BE HERE NOW—A PEACEFUL PLACE FOR WRITERS & READERS: Hang out with locals at our many coffee houses; visit a monthly dinner meeting of the Central Coast Writers Club, second largest chapter of the California Writers Club. Take a casual stroll beneath Washington Park’s natural forest canopy; and experience the transformative magic of flutterbies in the nearby Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Walk, run or bike the Pacific Coast Recreation Trail, see whales breech and dolphins play. You’ll smile at sea otters and harbor seals, and glimpse brown pelicans diving for fish in Monterey Bay … follow this trail east to Steinbeck’s Cannery Row and the Monterey Aquarium for pure enjoyment. History and science: Ketcham’s Barn, Point Pinos Lighthouse, Trotter Galleries and the P.G. Natural History Museum. Relax and read or write at Bookworks, our independent bookstore. And many excellent restaurants and lots of eclectic shopping on the streets of downtown. Sleep peacefully in the Victorian Boarding House or in a private garden suite at the historic Centrella Inn, or one of our many Victorian Inns.
Attend salons, workshops, retreats and writing classes; and contract with professional writing experts to increase your skills and potential—details to come ….

Read These Books — And Find Yourself in Pacific Grove

Personal stories (400+) by residents and visitors, historical information by Randy Reinstedt, illustrations by Keith Larson. 8.5×11, 492 pages, $29.95. Hardover $34.95. Available at BOOKWORKS and AMAZON

A Peaceful Place for Writers

Deeper connections to Pacific Grove: more historical information by Randy Reinstedt, select city essays and personal reminiscences. Full color, with photos by Peter Mounteer. 8.5×11, 338 pages, $39.95. Hardcover $49.95. Available at BOOKWORKS and AMAZON

A Peaceful Place for Writers

Meet Preston “Presto” Kane: freelance writer, former newspaper reporter, part-time researcher for a Pacific Grove private investigator. 5.5×8.5, 180 pgs, $9.95 print, $2.99 e-book. Available at.BOOKWORKS and AMAZON

A Peaceful Place for Writers

Pacific Grove’s large Hippie Colony in the 70s. William Minor’s 1974 book of poems, drawings, woodcuts and prose. 2017 Reprint. Softcover 6×8.25, 36 pages, $7.95. Available on AMAZON 

Sunset in Pacific Grove

Spring 2020 Releases — 6+ New Pacific Grove Books & Videos

Pacific Grove Videos by Wolf Bukowski
The Dark Room at the Centrella
a P.G. Mystery by William Neish

Mirror Images (working title) a novel set in Pacific Grove by Diane Tyrrel
The Cougar on the Course (working title) a Presto Kane P.G. Mystery by Jeffrey Whitmore
Here for the Present, Live, From the Poet’s Perch by Barbara Mossberg, P.G. Poet-in-Residence

Pacific Grove at Your Feet – Walks, Hikes and Rambles with Joyce Krieg, illustrations by Judy Obbink
A Piney Paradise by Monterey Bay, The Early History of Pacific Grove by Lucy Neely McLane, Fourth edition

A donation, earmarked for historical document preservation, is made to the Pacific Grove Public Library for every Pacific Grove Book sold.

Pacific Grove California Waves