Pacific Grove Books uses the power of story to capture and preserve the features of our unique community. Through stories inspired by or written about life in Pacific Grove, our writers share in our peaceful presence, chronicle our rich history, and build a bridge to a future that promotes the preservation of Pacific Grove’s culture and community.

Pacific Grove Books serves as a haven for writers in need of a peaceful place for inspiration for their next book. By experiencing life in Pacific Grove, California, writers learn to write about small town life, hone their skills by meeting and working with local authors and editors, and build deeper connections to the community by penning stories that capture and preserve the town’s unique culture.

Featured Books

Life in Pacific Grove Book 1

Personal stories (400+) by residents and visitors.

Life in Pacific Grove Book 2

Deeper connections to Pacific Grove.

A Quaint Town for a Killing

Meet Preston “Presto” Kane, freelance writer, former newspaper reporter, and part-time researcher.

Pacific Grove 1974 Reprint

Pacific Grove 1974: Poems, Drawings, Woodcuts, Prose

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