Park Place Publications and Pacific Grove Books have been offering writer and book publishing services since 1983.Founded and run by Patricia Hamilton, Park Place Publications has published over 150 books, mostly by locals of the Monterey Bay, Pacific Grove, Carmel, and the surrounding areas. The books run the gamut of children’s books, cookbooks, histories, mysteries, novels and poetry.

The services offered include development, editing, proofing, classes, layout, ebooks, press releases, business cards and advertising.

Hamilton and her former husband published 20 landscaping books together in Carlsbad starting in 1983. When they divorced, she moved to Pacific Grove in 1990 and began publishing on her own. Park Place Publications was founded in 1997.

Now Patricia helps people take their cherished stories and ideas and helps them turn them into published books. The process can take anywhere from 30 days to over a year, and the cost starts as low as $500. 

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