Leave Your Mark—Be a Part of P.G. History

Contribute to the 2nd Edition of Life in Pacific Grove—Deadline Extended to July 1, 2018

DON’T MISS OUT! Say you were here by adding your unique stories and precious memories to this historical project. Your descendants and other relatives will be grateful—such stories, when found, are pure gold. Say how you’d like to be remembered, don’t rely on anyone to tell your story!

Write and submit a vignette, short story, poem, or essay about a personal experience in Pacific Grove, from the past or in the present. Minimum 100 words and maximum of 500 words. Deadline for submissions to the 2nd edition of the book is July 1, 2018. Publication October 13, 2018.

ENGAGE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Have a family or neighborhood potluck, share stories of times together—download the Submission Forms to fill out and mail in, or have them bring their laptops or tablets to use our quick on-line story submission form. Click here for both:

Submit Your Story 
Story Starters for your Life in Pacific Grove

Start with one of these writing prompts, or make up your own:

⁜ A person, group, place, or event that makes Pacific Grove special to you

Story ideas: A fascinating conversation with a buddy; a memorable meal at one of our restaurants; a favorite walk browsing the shops, on the Rec trail or in a park; a neighborhood tradition, such as block parties, Candy Cane Lane; experiences with friends; participation within a club, organization or church; a visit to the library; an embarrassing moment or your biggest blunder; adopting or playing games with your pet(s). Use a little dialogue, a few emotions, describe who, what, when, and where (how if need be).

⁜ How you (or your ancestors) came to live in Pacific Grove

Story ideas: What you know about daily life in PG in days gone by; your ancestors and why they came to PG; why you came here; family traditions and traits; family favorites: foods, cars, TV programs, etc. Write down all you know of ancestors that no one else in your family knows anything about; any DNA results that surprised you. Describe an eccentric family member. Unique and unusual photos about PG people or places are welcome. Writing a caption for a photo serves as a good story!

⁜ A biographical statement about who you are, and a few of your unique life experiences

Story ideas: Where you were born and how you have since lived: your first memory, life as a teenager, when you first went out on your own; personal quirks, traits and habits; greatest challenges and proudest moments; talents and skills; education and career path; special relationships; wisdom gained or advice for future generations. Describe your daily life in PG today. Entertain us! Bare all—and amaze us if you dare! How would you make PG a better place for you to live or visit?

Submit Your Story 

Suggested Categories for Stories

Each of you has a unique story to tell, an important contribution to make in Life in Pacific Grove. Each of you can be a “Keeper of our PG culture.”

  • How I Came to Live in or Love to Visit PG
  • At Home in the Grove: House, Condo, Cabin, B&B, Apartment, Retirement Center
  • A Perfect Outing in the Grove
  • Finding Food: Delis, Markets, Restaurants, Growing & Preserving, Farmers Market
  • Working at a Career or at Home
  • Inventions, Volunteer Work, Retiree




  • Family, Friends, Visitors, Neighbors, Pets, Aquaintances, Town Characters
  • Shopping: Retail, Resale, Trade, Barter
  • Pursuing Passions, Skills, Talents, Hobbies
  • Attractions, Parks, Adventures
  • Beach, Events, Church, Clubs, Social Life
  • Growing Older and Wiser—How to Make PG Better
  • Bizarre & Best Memories, Advice to Others