Life in Pacific Grove, California: Personal Stories by Residents and Visitors to Butterfly Town U.S.A.

By Pacific Grove residents and visitors, Patricia Ann Hamilton (Innovator and Publisher), Keith Larson (Illustrator), and Joyce Krieg, Editor
$32.95 Hardback
$19.95 Paperback
494 pages • 8.5” x 11”
Hardback ISBN: 9781943887545
Paperback ISBN: 9781943887545
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All sales from this book support the Pacific Grove Public Library.

About the Book

This astounding collection of 400 personal stories written by residents and visitors captures the unique culture and community of Pacific Grove. From memories about the townsfolk’s reaction to WW II, growing up in the decades after, and how residents and visitors alike live, play, and work, the volume shares the seaside town’s neighborly spirit, love of nature, and sense of community only found in small towns. The collection was conceived and produced with the help of the entire town and spearheaded by Patricia Hamilton and her team of personal history and memoir professionals. The book includes an innovative Hero’s Journey Worksheet, used in Hamilton’s memoir writing classes, to reveal to writers the strengths they may not have originally identified or acknowledged, thereby empowering and inspiring them to write about their own lives. This book is the first in the Stories of America series, created to build community spirit throughout America.

About the Authors

Patricia Ann Hamilton, a 5th generation Pagrovian, is a publisher with over 30 years experience in the book industry, publishing over 200 titles in all genres. Patricia is also an author of several books, including Two Monterey County Guides: Free and Fun Things to See and Do in Monterey County, and a guide to healthy places to eat and walk: California Healthy.

Joyce Krieg, a resident of Pacific Grove, is the author of three mystery books published by Minotaur Books of St. Martin’s Press, secretary of the Central Writers Club, a branch of the California Writers Club, and a professional book editor.

About the Illustrator

Keith Larson is an illustrator and cartoonist, born and raised in Pacific Grove.