Life In Pacific Grove, California: Personal Essays and Stories, Deeper Connection to Butterfly Town U.S.A.

Topical P.G. essays by Pacific Grove Writers and personal stories by Pacific Grove residents and visitors, Patricia Ann Hamilton (Innovator and Publisher), Peter Mounteer (Photographer), and Joyce Krieg (Editor)
$37.95 Hardback, 4-color
$29.95 Paperback, 4-color
334 pages • 8.5” x 11”
Hardback ISBN: 9781943887828
Paperback ISBN: 9781943887736
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About the Book

The second volume of Life in Pacific Grove, California makes deeper connections to our community through essays and personal stories by local authors. Like the Butterfly Effect—the idea that seemingly small and insignificant actions taken by one person can have a profound effect globally—the sharing of these stories can have a long-lasting ripple effect on our community and outward. From the history of local events such as Good Old Days and Feast of Lanterns, a look at the city in the 1970s, and how Pacific Grove has become a haven for writers seeking inspiration, this volume illustrates how the seaside town continues to transform to bring joyful memories for visitors and residents alike.

This is the second book in the Stories of America series, created to build community spirit throughout America.

About the Authors

Patricia Ann Hamilton, a 5th generation Pagrovian, is a publisher with over 30 years experience in the book industry, publishing over 200 titles in all genres. Patricia is also an author of several books, including Two Monterey County Guides: Free and Fun Things to See and Do in Monterey County, and a guide to healthy places to eat and walk: California Healthy.

Joyce Krieg, a resident of Pacific Grove, is the author of three mystery books published by Minotaur Books of St. Martin’s Press, secretary of the Central Writers Club, a branch of the California Writers Club, and a professional book editor.

About the Photographer

Peter Mounteer is a professional photographer focusing on the people, events, and locale for the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce.