Pacific Grove at Your Feet: Walks, Hikes, & Rambles
Pacific Grove At Your Feet: A Book by Author Joyce Krieg

By Joyce Krieg
200 pages • 5″ x 8″
ISBN: 978-1-943887-07-1
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Available at Bookworks and on Amazon January 27, 2020
About the Book

Discover Pacific Grove in a delightful new way—on foot! In these pages, we’ll explore walks, hikes and rambles taking you along the shoreline bluffs overlooking Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean and into our wild and woodsy urban forests. Not just another trail guide, Pacific Grove at Your Feet is teeming with local legend and lore presented in a breezy, friendly style. Ride the Ghost Rails, Stroll with Steinbeck, meet the Mambo Whales and feel the damp sand between your toes on a special low tide walk. Each hike comes complete with a map and is lavishly illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings by Pacific Grove artist Judy Obbink. Whether long-time resident or first-time visitor, daily power walker or weekend warrior, you’re sure to find something to intrigue, inform, inspire and enchant in Pacific Grove at Your Feet.

About the Author

Joyce Krieg would never describe herself as a fitness fanatic or as particularly outdoorsy type. Yet after relocating to Pacific Grove some 25 years ago, she discovered the fun of exploring Butterfly Town U.S.A. on her own two feet. She’s now convinced that our city’s walkability is one of its chief assets. Joyce is a writer and editor with a background in print and broadcast journalism.