Situated in the heart of the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove Books is the only publisher to preserve the culture and history of the town by encouraging writers of all genres to imagine and publish stories about, set in, or inspired by Pacific Grove, California.

Pacific Grove Books publishes emerging and mid-career authors. We are committed to publishing promising debut authors alongside those who have been previously published.


We only accept digital submissions via email at [email protected]. Proposals will be reviewed and responded to within 3 months of receipt. Please no phone calls. Thank you.

Your email should include a one-page cover letter:

  • with your contact information (mailing address, email, and phone)
  • informing us if your proposal is a simultaneous submission
  • sharing why you think Pacific Grove Books is the right publisher to publish your work
  • on the status of the work (how much of the manuscript is complete; when do you expect to have a complete manuscript?)
  • brief description of your book (1-3 paragraphs). It should identify the intended genre and share how it is about, related to, or inspired by the City of Pacific Grove.
  • chapter outline
  • sample chapters: an introduction or 1-2 sample chapters. (Please DO NOT send your entire manuscript.)
  • sample illustrations or photographs. Please include photo .jpegs and sample captions. (Please DO NOT mail original photos or art as they will not be returned.)
  • market analysis and comparable books:
    • Please describe the book’s potential readership. What genre, who is the reader, what trend does the title speak to?
    • Include a list of comparable titles including author, publisher, date of publication, and a brief explanation of how your book is different from what’s currently available.
  • list of reviewers: Please include names and contact info (email, phone) of 2-3 people whose opinion you value and who could provide a blurb for the book.